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    30 Jan 2018

    Fulbright Research Presentation by Dr. Andrew Henderson: Systematics and Conservation of the Rattans of Sulawesi

    A short summary of the research: Rattans are spiny, climbing palms whose stems are the rattan cane of commerce, widely used in the furniture industry to manufacture cane furniture. Rattan cane is one of the most important non-timber forest products, and provides all or part of the livelihood of a large number of people, especially.. Read More..

    10 Jan 2018

    Indonesia Through Their Eyes 2018

    Come hear from 19 American Fulbright English Teaching Assistants who are placed in different regions in Indonesia about their impressions living in the country for the past 6 months. You can ask questions about America too. This free event has been held annually by AMINEF since 2014, and supported by @america. Join us.

    25 Nov 2017

    Alumni Engagement Session : Community College Initiative Program (Medan)

    Come and join a presentation by CCIP alumnus, Jaya Setiawan Gulo who will share his transformative experience of being a CCIP grantee studying in the US. Gulo will also give you tips on how to fill out CCIP application form so that your application is the best that it could be. Read More..

    23 Nov 2017

    Fulbright Research Presentation on Immigrant Workers Language Practice in the US Multilingual Workplaces

    Join us at the upcoming Fulbright Research Presentation on Immigrant Workers Language Practice in the US Multilingual Workplaces. Presenter: Dr. Ani Pujiastuti Host Institution: Ohio State University Home Institution: President University Summary of the research: Dr. Pujiastuti conducted ethnography (with a 2 year plus data collection processes) on how immigrant workers in the USA educate and socialize themselves linguistically.. Read More..

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