• RTP Activities

    May 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Gregory Alexander delivers series of aged care lectures in New Zealand

    The East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program (RTP), which is administered by AMINE,  provided a grant for Fulbright Scholar to Australia Prof. Gregory Alexander to travel to New Zealand in May 2017. During the visit, Prof. Alexander interacted with over 100 aged care experts, researchers, faculty, and graduate students to interact in northern and southern.. Read More..

    May 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Wendy Erb shares research on Indonesia’s primate ecology to New Zealand scholars

    Early in May, Fulbright’s East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program awarded grant for Dr. Wendy Erb to visit New Zealand to share her research projects on Indonesian primate ecology. Dr. Erb, a Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia, spoke at various seminar presentations at New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology, University of Auckland, and Massey University. “This.. Read More..

    Apr 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Prof. Frederick Davis shared historical views on environmental polices following 2016 US election

    Frederick Rowe Davis, Fulbright Senior Scholar and Visiting Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited Sichuan University in China to present a talk at the American Studies Network Conference in April. Prof. Davis, the R. Mark Lubbers Chair for the History of Science and Professor in the Department of History at Purdue University,.. Read More..

    Apr 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Andrew Shedlock participates in Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Science Education Symposium

    Dr. Andrew Shedlock, US Fulbright Scholar to Japan, visited Bangkok in April to be one of the speakers at the Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Frontiers of Science Education Symposium. The visit was supported by Fulbright East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program. LMI is a multinational partnership among Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United.. Read More..

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