• RTP Activities

    Nov 2017

    After a Decade, US Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia Dr. Andrew Henderson Reunited with His Fulbright Host in Vietnam

    Dr. Andrew Henderson received a Fulbright Scholar Award for research in Vietnam in 2006 and spent five months in the country in 2007 carrying out research on the systematics of Vietnamese palms, particularly rattans. At that time, he established an excellent collaboration with Dr. Nguyễn Quốc Dựng of the Forest Resource and Environment Centre (FREC),.. Read More..

    Jun 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Yashwant Pathak connects local universities in Vietnam, Cambodia with US

    Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia Yashwant Pathak recently completed his trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with the support of East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program (RTP). During the visit, he managed to link local universities with his university in the States. With the support of RTP, which is administered by AMINEF, Prof. Pathak visited Vietnam’s International.. Read More..

    Jun 2017

    Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia Wendy Erb discusses about orangutan, conservation and forest fire in Malaysia

    Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia Dr. Wendy Erb recently returned from Sandakan, Sabah in Malaysia where she was involved in various activities related to her research interests with the support of the US Embassy in Malaysia and Fulbright’s East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program. Dr. Erb, an Anthropologist from Rutgers University, is currently on a Fulbright.. Read More..

    Jun 2017

    US Fulbright Scholar to China discusses women’s role and American political culture in Mongolia

    Dr. Jeanette Cockroft, US Fulbright Scholar to China, presented two lectures on American politics and the impact of race and gender in contemporary American politics sponsored by WSTEM Mongolia in June. She also discussed basic elements of American political culture at the “Sustainable Development and Urgent Social Problems” conference at National University of Mongolia. The.. Read More..

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