• Grantee Stories

    I was a lucky faculty member when Fulbright sent me to the Ohio State University in 1988 for my Master’s degree. It opened my eyes wider and wider since the first day I arrived in Columbus. Within two years Fulbright dramatically changed my life from just a lecturer to a lecturer plus. The intention to.. Read More..

    If I were to list down two most valuable experiences in life, top of mind would be a) being a father and b) being a Fulbright scholar. By the first, I gain greater responsibility and love for the family, while in the latter I gain broader network and connectivity with the inter-connected Fulbright world and.. Read More..

    From the beginning, Fulbright gives me a tremendous opportunity to reach my study objectives. It turns out that not only does Fulbright support me to study at my favorite university, program, and professor, but it also enlarges my perspective both as a scholar and, more importantly, as a human being. Having all these privileges constantly.. Read More..

    It is great to recognize that Fulbright-AMINEF scholarship was a Golden Gate for my academic, intellectual, and social career. Thanks to the Fulbright scholarship, I was able to complete my Master’s at Columbia University and won its multi-year president fellowship for my PhD program and later was again granted another Fulbright for writing up my.. Read More..

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